Brillante Viernes: January 24, 2020

Happy Friday! It has been a busy week for me, but I wanted to highlight a great activity that I used in 5th grade to practice tiene la culpa while we are reading Isabela captura un congo. I used that phrase to discuss the game Mafia. I wanted it to be a shorter version, so I used Nice to Meetcha Mafia– it was a hit! Make sure to check it out!

I also have been using my gems from Michaels that I have had for a few years to encourage participation. When it comes time that I really want more students to participate in the output process, I give each student one or two gems and they have to choose when they are participating. I like it in particular because it reminds me who hasn’t had a chance, gives them choice and lowers the affective filter of participating. This has been a hit in my elementary classes as well.

This weekend, check out these posts as well:

  • Ashley shared a great post reading activity (that I can relate to- sometimes I am asking for a LOT of drawing!)
  • Speaking of post reading activities, I love manipulatives, but hate the time it takes for me to cut them out! Here is a post about making sorting activities using Flippity.
  • I also like the labelling activity that Señora Speedy created on Google!
  • This post about decluttering your classroom is EXCELLENT! I love the first tip and would frequently set 5 minutes in the morning and afternoon to straighten up my desk area. Whatever I got done, got done and over time it really helped!

In addition- here are some of my older posts if you have missed them (or like me need to remember what I have done before!)

  • If you are looking for a nice Valentine’s Day story- check out this story about Romeo and Julieta the Bolivian frogs.
  • I LOVE the song and music video Te Veo.
  • Some tips for online snow days

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