Romeo and Julieta: A story of frog love and conservation for novice high and up

romeo and julieta.jpg

Sometimes, I love a story from El Mundo en Tus Manos so much that I want to create even more materials for it.  And occasionally, I have a three day weekend, so I can do that!  Romeo used to be the world’s loneliest frog in a museum in Bolivia looking for a mate… until recently!  Scientists were scouring the forest, about to leave for the day when they found five frogs just like Romeo… including Julieta!

I made this slideshow to tell the story of these two love… frogs??

Then, I made some other fun activities.  Have your students write a fake text conversation between Romeo and Julieta- especially because now she is in quarantine until they meet on February 14th.  I also found out a lot about frogs in general.  In December, biologists found a frog in Ecuador that they thought was extinct!  I wrote up two short summaries about cloud forests in general and the other rediscovered frog.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 2.46.26 PM.png

This would be a fun unit to tie into an ecology unit.  Or you can save it to use around Valentine’s Day!  As we find out more about the frogs’ first date, I will keep updating it.  You can download it for free here!

(Note: It seems that the second article isn’t accessible.  Here is a new link for the two articles!)

5 thoughts on “Romeo and Julieta: A story of frog love and conservation for novice high and up

  1. Thanks for the idea, the download link at the end didn’t work & I would like to use this for my class.
    I just started following your blog, it’s wonderful! Thanks SO MUCH for sharing, giving ideas, resources. Best to you, CVS

    1. Hi! Did you go to the TPT link? If is free through TPT. If that doesn’t work- you can email me at marisdemosthenes AT and I can send you the materials. I am so glad that my blog has been a help 🙂

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