Super Bowl Reading and Lesson Plans for 2020

Each year, I like to write comprehensible articles about the Super Bowl. Some previous versions are not as relevant, but last year, I wrote about the food that people eat during the Super Bowl and the Pats Army in Mexico. These articles are still timely. In the same post, I also detailed input bracketing about the food that students will eat during the Super Bowl. Input bracketing is an easy way to stay in the target language and for the students to get comprehensible input. I also have reading activities to accompany that article.

This year, I wrote about the singers who will perform at the Super Bowl because they are all Latina. Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Demi Lovato will sing the National Anthem and at the half time show. You could also do a mini-March madness song bracket with these songs throughout the next week as a warm-up! You could play Echame la culpa (I would stick to the lyrics version) against Waka Waka by Shakira. Students vote which song they prefer. The one with the most votes moves onto round 2! Then the next day, you could have students vote between Se Acabó El Amor by Jennifer Lopez, Abraham Mateo and Yandel (stick with lyrics version or check out the official version first) or Carlos Vives and Shakira La Bicicleta. Students vote on their favorite from this round. After you have a winner from those songs, you can have a run off between the two top choices for an official winner!

Before reading, have students fill out a chart about what they already know about the singers before reading and what they have learned after reading.

If you are having students complete a presentational writing activity, they could write about if they enjoy watching the Super Bowl and what aspects they enjoy: food, music, commercials etc. If they do not like to watch the Super Bowl, they could explain what they will do instead of watching the Super Bowl or what they do like to watch on TV.

Of course at the end of the lessons, you can have the students predict the winner of the overall game- to follow up on Monday with who was right!

Edited to add: Grace Darmour-Paul shared this amazing Quizizz to use! Another reader shared these questions as well.


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