Brillante Viernes: November 15, 2019

Brillante Viernes November 15

Happy Friday!  This week at our faculty meeting, our head of school asked us for what moments of joy that we were seeing within our community.  It was a really nice time to reflect on many of the joyous occasions.  We discussed it on Wednesday, and I felt like I had even more moments of joy on Thursday and today.  Some of my moments of joy include: two boys sharing a sailboat pillow because they both wanted to sit on it, a fifth grade boy saying that Spanish class is awesome because they get to draw monkeys with little hats (Isabela captura un congo!) and my sixth grade class really getting into PearDeck vocabulary and working nicely together.  Finally, I have introduced Go! Vive a tu manera to my 8th grade on Fridays.  They all get super pumped to watch it!  (If you want my viewing guides- they are here!)

I encourage you to think of some of the moments of joy that you have experienced this week.  I guarantee you will find more later when you take the time to reflect.  Finally, check out some of these posts from this week:

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