Viewing guides and extension activities for Argentinian tween series

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If you follow Kara’s blog, you have heard about Go! Vive a tu manera.  As a mom of a five and a half year old, I find it hard to “binge watch” anything.  I officially binge watched both season 1 and 2!  I am hooked!  It is definitely cheesy but in a fun way.  I showed one episode with English subtitles to my Spanish 3 students, and many of them loved it.  Next year, I want to use the series in my 8th grade class.  They are level 2-3ish.  Plus as Kara said, I LOVE that it is appropriate!  Some other series are not and also have much longer episodes- over 60 minutes.  These episodes are around 30 minutes.

I have started by creating an episode guide for episodes 1 and 2 episodes 1-5 for these levels.  I am sharing this for free, and I will be updating it throughout the summer/school year.  As you watch it with your students, they help you by filling in the blanks or choosing the correct word.

Kara did a great job of explaining it on her blog, but make sure you are going slow!  Any time you pause to go over the paragraph in the guide, ask for students opinions.  Treat it as a MovieTalk.  I love to use MovieTalk to review basics like:

  • feelings
  • clothes
  • weather
  • time
  • descriptions
  • items in a room/house/class etc.  (A simple: ¿qué ves? allows students to do a quick vocab brain dump)

Although I would also encourage you to go with the flow with your class.  Do a MovieTalk a few times, and let them watch/enjoy other parts.  You can get a feel for when students are ready to talk about a section or ready to move on.  If you treat it like a MovieTalk, you could do any extension activities after it.  Some of my favorites (from this list for novels!) include:

  • Collaborative Mural
  • Predictions as a pre-watching activity
  • Recreate scenes from the episodes
  • Jigsaw activities after a few episodes

If you don’t want to make any extension activities, I have created some activities on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have included activities for the first two episodes five episodes, but I will continue to add to this packet here.  In this packet, I included:

  • Pre and post watching activities
  • Webquest for an Argentinian school
  • A cultural reading about basketball in Argentina with extension activities and a making thinking visible activity
  • A presentational writing practice
  • An interpersonal speaking practice
  • An interpretive reading assessment after episode 2

I hope that this inspires you to use this series next year in your classes!


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