Brillante Viernes: September 7, 2018

My Post (71)

Happy Friday!  Now, everyone is back in school!  My week was super busy, and I felt like it took a day to get back in the swing of teaching.  The second day was wonderful, and our experiential education trip went well on Thursday (and hopefully today too!)  At least, we all have this weekend to relax before it all starts up again.  Here were some of my favorite posts from this week:

  • I like these quick quiz rubrics! While my interpersonal listening/reading assessments are a bit more through, these will be great to prepare students.
  • These weekend chat placemats are perfect for all levels- and in Spanish and French!
  • You can check vocabulary by using these printed post-it notes.
  • I just started to use write and discuss, so I like Mike Peto’s cartoon idea for post write and discuss!
  • Also, many teachers are talking about self-care recently.  Check out this post on how to carve it into your daily life.

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