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Brillante Viernes: December 22, 2017

Adobe Spark (66)

Happy Friday and happy winter break (at least at the end of the day) for everyone!  I hope that you are ready to disconnect and spend a lot of time with family or friends.  If you haven’t signed up for DitchSummit, I have been LOVING it this week!  You still have time to watch all of them.  Here are some of my favorite posts from this week:

  • I am fascinated by brain research, so I loved Pooja Argawal’s summit video.  Sign up to subscribe to her newsletter to see how brain research works for retrieving information.  I already have some takeaways that I want to share.
  • Teaching is not always wonderful, and Betsy’s post reminds us how to help ourselves when we get stuck in the weeds (or in a Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie!)
  • Laura’s post about shredding the teacher she was is a perfect reflection of the journey that we all take and continue to take as teachers.
  • Melanie’s post on using novels is great for me to read as it had some new ideas for me as well.
  • From Facebook, this tertulia guide was shared, and I love it for upper levels!

A previous posts from my own blog:

  • A collection of 18 songs that I use in Spanish 1/2

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