Brillante Viernes: December 1, 2017

Brillante Viernes Dec 1Happy Friday, and happy December!  December is my favorite month- because it is my husband’s birthday (the 8th), my birthday (the 11th), Christmas AND our anniversary (the 29th- for TEN years!)  I have also been shamelessly watching Hallmark movies since before Thanksgiving!  (Anyone else just LOVE them even though you know that the same EXACT thing will happen?!)  It is a little crazy in the classroom and crazy outside, but I still love it.  We are really enjoying Dustin’s commercial madness and Kara’s lottery commercial information.  Here are some great posts from this week:

  • Path2Proficiency had posts every day this week!  My post was about retakes, and Rebecca’s post also really made me think about grading.
  • I always like to highlight when bloggers post that our lives are NOT always perfect and our classes are just likes yours!  La Maestra Loca sums it up so well.
  • The most recent We Teach Language podcasts with Joe Barcroft on teaching vocabulary were fascinating and included a lot of research that I wasn’t aware of before listening.
  • I keep reading about SO many people using Google Tour Builder, and I think MAYBE I will finally try it.  These tips make it even easier!  (Perhaps in the New Year?)

Flashback to previous years posts:

  • Last year (and this year), I have taught Señor Wooly’s Billy y las Botas in level 2 in December.
  • Do you allow students to use dictionaries on presentational writing?

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