December Idea: Play La Lotería in your class!

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I am going to do a Lotería unit from Kara Jacobs this year.  It is amazing (and currently on sale!) and the cultural connections alone that this video bring up are incredible.  I wanted to bring the spirit of La Lotería to my classes.  I bought these lottery tickets (although they sell them at the dollar store sometimes too) from Amazon.  Throughout December, I want to give my students ways to earn tickets as a class.  I decided that I wanted to have the class win instead of one student to convey the “décimo” idea.  Students have to work together to earn their tickets.  They can win a class ticket if they predict the winner of the Navidad Commercial Madness.  They can earn another ticket if the whole class can stay in the target language for a given amount of time.  Also, I will have students participate in the #muyamables campaign.  Then, a few days before the last day of school, I will pull the “winning” lottery ticket!  I am thinking about doing it “live” at home for fun (but am still working on those details…)  The winning class will get a little party with a couple snacks and Jarritos on the last day.  I hope that you can participate, too!  This idea is still a little sketchy for me as I continue to develop it.  Let me know if you have further ideas for how I can develop this!  I wanted to crowdsource some new ideas and share it before I did it, so you too can participate!

3 thoughts on “December Idea: Play La Lotería in your class!

  1. Hola,
    Do you mean they each get a ticket if the whole class (or majority of the class?) predicts the winner that day or overall? (three variables to clarify haha). Also, does just the class with the most tickets win? Thanks!

    1. Hi! For the winner of the commercial, I will just give one ticket per person that predicted the final champion at the end. I don’t have time to calculate it every day- HA! 🙂

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