Noticias: 4 de diciembre

4 de diciembre noticias

Here is a news round-up for this coming week!  This week, I wrote about:

  • The protests in Honduras following the election
  • The World Cup groups that were announced earlier in the week
  • The berrendo peninsular is in danger of extinction in Mexico
  • El mate and the differences between Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
  • The graffiti artists of Chile

I didn’t find too many extended resources, but this website has a ton of information on the graffiti artists in Chile and how much it would cost to go to Russia to watch the World Cup from Mexico.  Hope you enjoy these!  If you ever have an article that you would like me to include, feel free to let me know!  Also, I really appreciate anyone emailing me with errors, so I can correct them.

4 de diciembre noticias (1)

4 thoughts on “Noticias: 4 de diciembre

  1. What a wonderful idea (news round-up) for the CI Non-fiction library. I have also used other materials of yours and loved them, Maris. From the text I see above I’d say: “no saben quién es EL presidente nuevo” . Feel free to e-mail anything for proof-reading and I’ll see what I can pick out.

    1. Thanks so much for catching that! I would love some help proofreading because it is normally just me staring at it a lot and some computer assistance. What is your address? I will try to email you before my next edition in two weeks!

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