Triventy: A collaborative online game


As much as I love Kahoot and Quizizz, they are not collaborative.  Triventy is a multiple choice quiz, but students can add questions on their own.  It is very easy to do and add questions.  In order to create a quiz, you can create an account.  Then you click on the green “create a quiz” button:


After this, you can invite others to participate.  You can type a name then click on the yellow button that says “invite others to add questions.”  This box pops up:Triventy 2

After you click on “invite” this box pops up:

Triventy 3

I used the link for my students.  You could also incorporate it into Google Classroom or on Facebook or email.  When students add questions this pops up:

Triventy 4

My students were able to figure out how to add questions without any explicit instruction from me.  They all seemed to figure it out easily.  I like that they can click on “survey question” to see what others would pick instead of awarding points.  Also, I can edit any question before they play it.  Then you can click on play game!  Just like the other games, it generates a code for students to join.  However, you cannot kick inappropriate nicknames out!  I will say that the game itself isn’t as “flashy” as Kahoot or Quizizz, but it was awesome to get each student’s question up there.  The students were also really invested in seeing their questions.  This could be great for an interpretive task or as a survey!  At the end, my results were emailed to me.  Have you tried Triventy in the FL class?


7 thoughts on “Triventy: A collaborative online game

  1. Perfect timing! AP Spanish Lit test is coming up and students learn so much better when they are the teacher! plus sitting down to make another quizlet list or kahoot game all alone on Sunday does not sound very fun.
    Have you tried Sugarcane? It pulls items from a grid of information to create a variety of games.

    1. I am glad that you can use it! I always like when the students can add the questions. I will have to check out Sugarcane. I had another one that I really liked, but they got rid of it. Thanks!

  2. We recently began using Quizlet Live. Have you tried it? It takes any list of vocab or questions in Quizlet and turns it into a game. It randomly puts the kids in teams. And no one on the team has all the right answers. My kids love it.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes- we love Quizlet Live too! Many of my students are excited that they can still win even if they traditionally do not. I wish more games would put the students in teams!

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