Brillante Viernes: June 17, 2016

Brillante Viernes (2)

Happy happy Friday!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying summer now!  We are going to Virginia Beach and Fripp Island to start summer.  We will make it back in time to go to Edcamp Maryland- World Languages on June 29.  Who else signed up?!  There are still a few tickets available if you can come… and it is free!

Have you started thinking about next year?  I know I have, but I mostly have been pinning ideas on Pinterest.  Because I always feel really productive when I have pinned new ideas.  Here are some more ideas as you plan:

  1. I love Rebecca’s blog and her thoughts on her road trip to proficiency!
  2. Elizabeth mentioned using stuffed animals in our langchat discussion.  Here is how Laura Catherine used her llamas in class.  I am so excited to do these with some of my old toys!
  3. I love the game Serpiente if you finish early or as a warm-up.  It would also be great as a first day activity with level II or higher.
  4. I have used Padlet before, and they have updated this version.

A flashback to what I was writing in June over the past three years:

I will be taking off from blogging next week on vacation, but you can always check in on my Facebook page!

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