Seesaw App Notes

Earlier this year, I decided that I was going to use the Seesaw App.  It has only been a week, but I am loving it!  I have discovered a few things that will hopefully help you:

  1. It is really easy to sign up.  I used the students’ Google accounts.
  2. If students are just going to write an entry, they can add a note or write it as a file and upload it.  They can also put the item in a Google Doc and then share the link.
  3. The default settings allow all students to see the other students’ work.  Many of my students were excited to comment and “heart” the other students’ work.  Later in the year, I want my students to comment on each other’s work as an assignment.  This is much easier than when I used WordPress.  I have to approve all comments, so that also keeps it safe.
  4. I gave the code to parents at back to school night, and they seemed excited.  Some have even commented on their students’ work!
  5. While students can add a voice note to their work, I wanted them to just add a conversation.  In order to do that, they can use Vocaroo then add a link in their Seesaw account.
  6. Finally, I really like that Seesaw continues to email me if I need to approve something.  many times, it may slip my mind, but I appreciate the reminder email.

Are you using Seesaw this year?  Do you have any tips that you have learned so far?

8 thoughts on “Seesaw App Notes

  1. I signed up for Seesaw after reading your first mention of it. So far I’ve been using it for my students that want Honors credit. It’s a great way for them to do extra assignments and I have been enjoying their creativity. They have uploaded poster presentations and given culture video presentations. I’m so glad that Seesaw added the email login.

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