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News article: Use of tú vs usted

Many times it doesn’t always seem that students don’t always understand the differences between tú and usted.  Here is a current event that makes it even more relevant and interesting.  A reporter used the tú form with the King of Spain!  Luckily, he laughed it off, but it is something to bring up with your classes.  The article also has some reactions on Twitter that would make the article accessible for lower levels.


4 thoughts on “News article: Use of tú vs usted

  1. You must have read my mind today. My Spanish 1 Basic kiddos literally JUST learned about this today! I can’t wait to give them the Tweets and discuss it further (I have never had a class so fascinated by tú vs usted!) Muchas gracias por compartir!

      1. My students voted and the majority of them were upset by it! They thought a king should be treated with much more respect than that. Many of them compared it to us going up to President Obama and saying “What up, dude?”

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