Playing with Adobe Spark

Adobe SparkThe beauty of summer for a teacher is that you can finally try out all of that technology that you do not have time to try during the school year.  Because let’s be honest, that is the last thing you feel like doing at times during the school year!  When I read about Adobe Spark, I felt that it could be very useful for the foreign language classroom, and I decided to play around with it today.

I created a “post” above.  It was very easy to make.  One thing that I liked about this platform was if you want to change a picture, you can search for creative commons images.  I really love when that is built into programs because I really want to stick to creative commons use, but sometimes it can be difficult.  And- as much as we tell students, they will use Google Images… every.time. (Let’s be honest, if I can move them away from Google Translate to Word Reference that is a HUGE win for me!)  I love using this feature for blog posts, but how could students use it?

  • You could use it as choice homework for them to post thoughts in the target language and spice it up with Adobe Spark on their favorite social media.
  • It could be a quick end of class activity for them to create a post with a quote from the book that you are reading or a telenovela that you are watching.
  • You could also collect the posts then have a station activity where the students add details about the quotes.  Students could either discuss or write what was happening in the book at that time.

I also created a “page.”  This allowed me to include pictures, text, videos, links and glideshows.  When I was playing around with mine, I made an eportfolio.  Again, it was very easy to figure out as many times a small plus popped up with what I could add to each section. Here is how I am thinking about using it in my class:

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 3.39.51 PM

  • I use Seesaw for general journaling, but my students journal there frequently.  I would like for them to create their own portfolio using Adobe Spark at the end of the year.  This would encourage them to cull all of their entries for the best.  They could also link to other websites.
  • This would also be a great way to share authentic resources.  Many times, I will share a few, and this will be visually appealing for students.  I could also add the can do statements as a reminder for students.
  • It could also be used as a project platform for students.  This would allow them to share the websites they used easily as well as any other details.

Finally, you can create a video!  I found a picture, and then hit record and bam!  I was done!  (Well, you probably want to add a few more details!)  You can use images or videos.  It was really intuitive, and I believe that many students would be able to do this easily.  It gives you step-by-step directions.  I really do not use iMovie, and many times teachers believe that students can easily figure it out, but I have plenty of students that don’t like iMovie or don’t use it that much.  This would be a great substitute for students.  Also, students do not need to get too tied down to the technology side.  We want students to practice their language skills not spend hours on the technology side.

  • Many times I use Voicethread by posting a picture and having students describe it. However, I could have students find the pictures individually and describe them.  (Again, they can search easily for the pictures, so it shouldn’t take them too long to do so.)
  • Digital storytelling couldn’t be easier!  And they are speaking instead of writing!  Students could also use this to retell a story.
  • This would be perfect for a presentational part of an IPA.
  • I will offer this as a platform when my students create the video of their emoji unit.

I encourage you to try out Adobe Spark!  How would you use their ideas?  Here is another post that outlines other ways to use Adobe Spark in the classroom.


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