My classroom reveal

Today, I wanted to show pictures of my classroom.  It is not one of those super organized classrooms with matching themes.  I really like it though.  This is my third year in what we call the “portables” “foreign language center.”  I will say that we have a huge property, and my windows look out on the woods.  I have seen deer and bunnies around my classroom.  However, don’t talk to me on a day that it is pouring.  I don’t love being separated from the building then!  Anyway, onto the tour!  Here is the outside of my building:

photo 1

Here is a panoramic of my room:

photo (1)

For the past two years, I have used “pods” of four desks each.  I am trying a new shape.  One thing in the Teach Like a Pirate book is that they mention moving the desks more.  I need to do that, and I am really anxious to see what I think about this new formation.  I am also waiting on a bookcase that I am going to place by the door for my books for the students to peruse.

photo 2

Here is the front of the room and my whiteboard.  I LOVE the welcome banner from Flapjack Educational Resources!  My math teacher friend took the English one, and other Spanish teachers picked up a copy in Spanish again.  It is really cute.  Finally here are my bulletin boards:

photo 3

photo 4

I am excited about both of these boards because they are new.  In my first board, I put my map in the center, and I placed arrows from each picture or realia from different Spanish-speaking countries.  On my second board, I downloaded the 100 Frequency Words from This Teacher Sweats Glitter.  I didn’t include all of them- there are only about 60.  I am excited to see how I incorporate this into my teaching and how my students use it.  That is it!  Hope you enjoyed my mini tour of my class!

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