Throwback Thursday: Back to School Resources

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While some of you have been reading from the beginning, I have some newer readers.  I wanted to put together a list of my resources for back to school to help you:

  1. Here is my syllabus that I have used for two years.  You cannot edit it due to the program that I used, but you can use Picktochart to create your own! (I will have to create new ones this year with my new assignments.)
  2. Here are my bulletin boards from two years ago and last year.  I am seriously considering using Kristin used!
  3. Do you have to leave emergency sub plans?  I posted some different ideas and websites to help.
  4. I also posted my ideas for Parent’s Night/Back to School Night.
  5. I also modified an ice breaker game for my Spanish 1B/II classes.
  6. Also, as you start to plan, you can check out my other Throwback Thursday posts on music for Spanish I/II, warm-up ideas, and 15 foreign language games.

I hope this can serve as a reference as you are getting ready for back to school in the next few weeks/months!

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