Brillante Viernes: October 11, 2013

Hello!  My baby boy has arrived, and we are getting on a schedule.  As many of you know, some nights are better than others!  Here are some things that I have found on my late night (or early morning) perusing:

1.  I always enjoy hearing Kristy Placido talk at conferences, and her blog is absolutely wonderful!  Recently, she has been writing about stations and has some great ideas.  I really want to use some of them especially the use of a Belkin jack splitter.  I have bought headphones from the dollar store because I always forget to tell students to bring them in advance.  However, her music files are also awesome!  She is great!

2.  This popcorn idea would be great for a writing station or a writing day.  You could also have students write characters and settings to add to the bucket.

3.  I have used MentorMob in the past, but this website also looks great to create listening activities for YouTube videos.

4.  This YouTube video shows how to create branching Google Forms which can provide more help for students.  It looks like great differentiation!

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