Authentic Resource: Cosas que me gustan del otoño

If you are addicted to Pinterest like me, I am sure you have seen the lists that extol the virtues of fall.  It also exists in Spanish here:

7b5ccb4723ff93a5af120fceaa2d06ffYou could use it in many ways.  You could ask students to figure out the different vocabulary, or you could ask if they like certain things.  They could also ask people at their table if they like the different items and create a quick survey.  If you visit her blog, she asks people to list what they like in the comments.  Groups could also create a similar list for the other seasons.  I like this pictures because it has illustrations, so I would require students to add their own simple illustrations to their list.  You could have students read that and even comment on the things that they like in the fall.

Also, the way that people always get excited about the upcoming season reminds me of this cartoon:


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