Noticias en febrero


Noticias en febreroI had a chance to publish more “news” in February for my students.  In the edition of the news, I discussed:

  • A French senator pushes European tourists to visit Honduras (and a few facts about Honduras in general)
  • The death of the oldest Castro brother
  • Argentina’s first team in the Super Rugby tournament
  • The changes since Evo Morales became president in Bolivia and his request to be able to be re-elected

You can find the PDF below.  Hopefully this creates some talking points for you and your students!  Do you use news topics?  How do you use them in class?

Noticias en febrero

2 thoughts on “Noticias en febrero

  1. Thank you, Maris for making these comprehensible, informative news packets.
    They are great examples of material to stress “reading to learn”, while continuing to “learn to read.”

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