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Summer Professional Development 2016


Summer Professional Development

As I have had time these snow days to unwind and reflect, I have also started some applications for professional development this summer.  Things start to get hectic in the spring, so it is useful to start the process early.  First, I wanted to start with foreign language conferences:

  • AATSP has their annual conference July 8-11 in Miami, Florida.  I attended this conference when it was in DC, and I found it worth my time and money.
  • NTPRS will be July 25-29 in Reno, Nevada.  I have attended this conference twice, and I cannot recommend it enough.  You can read my notes from this past conference.
  • The International Forum on Language Teaching (iFLT) will have their conference July 19-22 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I know that many teachers have raved about this conference.
  • The Teacher Effectiveness for Language Learning (TELL Collab) is having their conference in Austin, Texas on June 24-25.  I am sure that the conference would be outstanding.
  • Sara-Elizabeth’s Camp Musicuentos will be June 16-17 in Louisville, Kentucky, July 6-8 in Chapel Hill, NC and in Warwick, Rhode Island on July 29.  We have worked extensively with Sara-Elizabeth, and she is wonderful!  She has such an excellent grasp on second language acquisition combined with the practicality of being a teacher.
  • Sara-Elizabeth has also added another conference in Texas near Dallas/Fort Worth called the Brave Little Tailor about changing comprehensible input strategies to work for your class.  This will be July 14-15.
  • The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) has a series of summer institutes for teachers throughout July in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  They also have one on using the web for communicative language learning  that will be conducted online.  They look really interesting.
  • The Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) out of Michigan State also offers on-site workshops throughout July. I know that they have developed some great teaching materials.
  • The University of Hawaii at Manoa has an intensive workshop for Project Based Learning in the foreign language classroom from June 27 to July 1.  And- you are in Hawaii!
  • AIM (Accelerative Integrated Methodology) which is a method that uses gestures, music and stories to teach foreign language is having their first institute here in the US. (They are usually out of Canada.)  Their conference is July 28-29 in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • In Montvale, New Jersey, there will be a World Language Technology Institute between August 22-26.  It is a week filled with how to incorporate technology, and they have three tracks- beginner, intermediate and advanced.  Plus, there are some of my favorite people from Twitter that are presenting!

However, I encourage teachers to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to professional development.  While purely foreign language PD is certainly helpful, I also have found that I enjoy professional development for all teachers.  Many of them also benefit me as a person, and isn’t that one of the reasons for a teacher summer?

  • ISTE 2016 will be in Denver, Colorado from June 26-29.  This tech conference is supposed to be wonderful.  I have many colleagues who have attended and really enjoyed it.
  • Richard Byrne of Free Tech 4 Teachers has Practical Ed Tech camps for teachers in Maine.  The BYOD camp is July 11-12th and the Chromebook camp is July 18-19th.  He has a top notch blog, so I am sure the camp would be worth it.
  • Many teachers at my current school have traveled to Boston to go to the Alan November conference.  They have referenced it numerous times, and many found it valuable.
  • I love art, and I use any excuse to spend extra time in an art museum.  Many times, art institutes put on by museums are for ALL educators not just art teachers.  My friend attended the teacher institute at the National Portrait Gallery last year, and really loved it.  I plan on applying this year!  You should check out your local museum for professional development.
  • Edcamps are held throughout the year, but I think they are so valuable.  You should go anytime you can- plus they are free!

I am sure that I am missing some amazing professional development opportunities!  What are some of your favorites?  I can add to my list!



3 thoughts on “Summer Professional Development 2016

  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out here! Exciting news: Camp Musicuentos Southeast is a new event this year and will be July 6-8 in Chapel Hill, NC!

  2. AIM is holding the 1st USA Summer Institutes 2016 in Jacksonville, FL July 28 & 29:

    AIM (Accelerative Integrated Methodology) is a unique, multi-faceted methodology and program in that it uses gestures and a specifically researched ‘pared down’ language with stories and music to rapidly develop students’ fluency.

    AIM is:
    • A verb-based rather than noun-based approach allowing teachers and students to be able to function solely in the target language from the outset of the program.
    • An inductive approach, providing students with the vocabulary and grammatical structures they require on an “on needs’ basis.

    ACTFL guidelines of performance-driven world language instruction, including speaking in the target language more than 90% of classroom time, are paramount to language acquisition. AIM is a performance-driven methodology and program that accelerates language acquisition to levels between Intermediate Mid to Intermediate High in the first year of language study.

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