Favorites from #ACTFL2013

Hopefully you were able to follow the Twitter hashtag #ACTFL2013.  There were a ton of wonderful ideas this year.  Here are some links and tweets from the conference.  Share your experiences or tweets that you thought were interesting in the comments!  I have included the commenters’ names.  These people are great to follow if you are trying to develop your PLN (Personal Learning Network).

How should tech & Internet be used? Learners: Great to be able to communicate w/teachers outside of classroom. (Awesome.) #actfl13

student: you can do a worksheet all day long, but it’s going to be thrown away later on #studentvoice #listen #actfl13

Plan a goal for each class period by the end, but give vocabulary, structures at beginning #CreatingProficiencyOutcomes #actfl13

Good advice 4 rubric use, Focus on what u can observe. Positive Twist. … Sounds like “I can statements” to me #actfl13

@Ashida_Linda @tiesamgraf Fun with no purpose is not the answer to rigor with no purpose. #actfl13 #langchat

I am also including blog posts from ACTFL as well as great presentations:

Heather shared her thoughts on the Friday and Saturday sessions.

Many people were tweeting about Joe Dale’s presentation.

This is a wikispace by the ACTFL Teachers of the Year.

Laura blogged about her presentations and her experience as well.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who blogged and tweeted about their experiences!  You made learning from afar easier.

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