Back to school week: Changes and curriculum

Welcome back to day 2!  Yesterday, I covered my plans for the first few days of school.  I wanted to cover some changes that I made with our curriculum this upcoming year: One thing that I will be using next year in all of my levels is El Mundo en tus manos!  Martina and IContinue reading “Back to school week: Changes and curriculum”

Post winter break plans

Although most teachers don’t want to admit it, the end of winter break is approaching fast!  I have put together some plans that I have thought about to help you get started for your first day back to school: My favorite activity is having students read their horoscopes!  I wrote an easy version of horoscopesContinue reading “Post winter break plans”

Brillante Viernes: August 11, 2017

Happy happy Friday!  If you are back in school, I hope that you have had a successful back to school week.  We are going up to Volga, West Virginia for our annual summer trip.  I go back to work for a few days early because I have a mentee teacher!! (Squee!  I am so excitedContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: August 11, 2017”

How to start using IPAs: an evolution

On a recent #langchat, someone said that they needed more help to use IPAs (Integrated Performance Assessments).  I believe that the best thing to do is to start making slow changes.  While some people may be happy making huge changes, I prefer to change a little bit at a time until I am ready toContinue reading “How to start using IPAs: an evolution”

Friday Activities before Spring Break: Updated!

I noticed that many people had been looking for ideas for the Friday before Spring Break, and my post was from 2013!  Plus, who is going to use Fakebook anymore?  The students certainly don’t use it!  Here is an updated list of what you can do before any break: BaileViernes has been sweeping Spanish classesContinue reading “Friday Activities before Spring Break: Updated!”