Reflections from 2016-2017 school year

This year, I ditched traditional tests and quizzes for IPAs (Integrated Performance Assessments).  Last year, I played around with some limited IPAs while sticking to the textbook.  I felt freer this year to continue to push the boundaries and expand.  Meredith noted this in her most recent post on Path2Proficiency, but I was more positive.Continue reading “Reflections from 2016-2017 school year”

Back to school week: Ways to avoid a review

Day 3 of back to school week!  If you missed day 1, I talked about my first few days worth of lesson plans.  Yesterday, I discussed curriculum changes that I was making from last year and included an outline of what I taught in level 5 last year.  Today, I will share how I skipContinue reading “Back to school week: Ways to avoid a review”

Friday Activities before Spring Break: Updated!

I noticed that many people had been looking for ideas for the Friday before Spring Break, and my post was from 2013!  Plus, who is going to use Fakebook anymore?  The students certainly don’t use it!  Here is an updated list of what you can do before any break: BaileViernes has been sweeping Spanish classesContinue reading “Friday Activities before Spring Break: Updated!”