Planning a trip virtually

As always, I want students to practice what I teach them in a realistic situation.  We are learning about train vocabulary, and I created a webquest for students.  They have to figure out how to navigate a train website from Spain.  I also added on questions about planning for their trip- checking the weather toContinue reading “Planning a trip virtually”

Childhood memories

I love this list of 30 things children should do before age 6.  This would be a great warm-up activity.  Ask the students the following questions: 1.  ¿Cuáles cosas hiciste cuando eras niño/a?  ¿Te gustaban estas cosas? 2.  ¿Cuáles cosas haces ahora? 3.  ¿Dónde hiciste estas cosas? 4.  ¿Con quién jugabas cuando eras niño/a? IContinue reading “Childhood memories”

No Prep Required: Anagram warm-up

I love anagrams!  They make a great warm-up especially after a long break.  You can write a phrase in the target language (like Feliz Año Nuevo) and have students make up as many words as they can.  They should not use the three words given; however, they can use as few or as many lettersContinue reading “No Prep Required: Anagram warm-up”

Warm-up: Picture Description

This is another quick warm-up activity.  I post a picture of different vocabulary words on the screen.  Students cannot write anything down, but they must try to remember as many items as they can.  After it has been displayed for 30 seconds to a minute, the students have to write as many items as theyContinue reading “Warm-up: Picture Description”

Fashion Police: Latin Grammys

The Latin Grammys were this past Thursday.  It is a great source of authentic culture, and it is interesting to students.  I love seeing what everyone is wearing!  People En Español featured the Latin Grammy Worst Dressed List of all time.  This would be perfect for a review of clothing or to introduce clothing.  StudentsContinue reading “Fashion Police: Latin Grammys”

Warm-Up Activity: Shopping List

I saw this idea on Farley’s blog a little late for Halloween.  However, it could be used for different units.  She wrote a “Target shopping list” for a vampire, witch, mummy, and werewolf family.  This would be great for a food unit or a clothes unit.  Students could complete this for a warm-up activity.  YouContinue reading “Warm-Up Activity: Shopping List”

No Prep Required: Questions/Guessing Warm-Up

I saw this idea here, but I thought it could easily be adapted as a warm-up or end of class activity.  It reminds me of the Creative Language Class blog’s activity, but it is a bit simpler and quicker- and doesn’t require any prep by the teacher!  You can either read or write questions inContinue reading “No Prep Required: Questions/Guessing Warm-Up”

Likes/Dislikes Warm-Up or End of Class Activity

I am always trying to come up with warm-up activities that students can complete on their own but are not always just written.  I slightly modified this idea from The Busy Teacher website for ESL teachers.  It is great!  I have my students sit in table groups.  In this warm-up, they have to find outContinue reading “Likes/Dislikes Warm-Up or End of Class Activity”