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Warm-up activity: Blackout poems

I have wanted to do black-out poetry for awhile now, and I am using it tomorrow for a warm-up.  I used the following poems from Bequer: Rima XIII, Rima XXXIII, Rima XXXVIII, and Rima XII.  Students can select which poem they are going to use.  Students will have to black out sections of the poem to form a complete sentence in correct order.  I am excited to see what they create!

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Throwback Thursday: Warm-up Activities

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I have accumulated all of my warm-up activities that could be done throughout the year!  In the end, I had thirteen and added two new ones if you have read all of my other warm-up activities.  We are back at 15 just like the games ironically.  Here is the link for the warm-up activities.  I did not include any ideas that were specific to one level or one time of the year.  If you would like more specific warm-up activities, you can look at all of the ideas that I have included in the blog.  Enjoy!

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New Ideas from an Old Bag

I own too many purses and bags, but the good thing is that many times, I find something stashed in an old bags.  This week, I am on a roll!  I found $10 in an old purse and my old PD folder in another school bag- score!  This year, I am trying to implement more goals from Pinterest and Brillante Viernes.  I also want to modify some of my speaking games, so I am not constantly doing just information gaps or find someone who.  This first idea is from Lynn Johnson, and it would be the perfect bell ringer.  You can ask students to list five things in their room, book bag, locker, sports bag, etc.  Then with a partner, each person takes a turn guessing what is on the other person’s list.  The winner is the partner who figures out their partner’s full list first.

The second speaking activity comes from Laurin Baker.  It is called grab bag.  You can put different items from the unit in a bag.  Students must say three things about their object.  For beginners, it can be useful to put a script on the board.  She recycles this bag throughout the unit or in later units, so students can say more about the items and they serve as a review.  This would be perfect.  My plan is to use this right after my bell ringer or at the end of class.  I would keep the amount of students that go each time to two or three.  It can become cumbersome for students to listen to all of their classmates present.  (I say that and I only have 18 students in my biggest class…)  Have you found any good treasures recently while getting ready for school?

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Including students in my plans

In my various warm-ups, many times, I ask students questions.  Sometimes they use target vocabulary that we are working on in class.  Other times, I just talk about upcoming events.  Students write down their responses, so they can plan them.  However, I always make sure to ask follow-up questions.  This way students practice reading and writing as well as listening and speaking.    I am still working on exit tickets.  This year, for an exit ticket, I am going to have students write down questions.  I am going to use their questions for the warm-up the next day.  I will probably end up using some on assessments as well.  This puts more ownership on the students, and they will become more engaged when they see their questions appearing.  Also, this decreases my prep time in thinking of the questions.  I could also have students switch questions and answer their partner’s questions for homework.

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Piratas: Warm-up Post Chapter 3

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I found a flash drive with all of my files from my old school computer!  Woohoo!  I have learned that when pregnant (as I was at the end of the school year last year), write everything down!  I still cannot find the key to my file cabinet!  I found this warm-up that I created from Piratas to be completed after chapter 3.  I really like the use of the maps.  Hope you can file it away in a better place than I did for next year!

warm up pirates

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Journaling topics

Diary from a solider in the Union Army
Diary from a solider in the Union Army

Next year in my blended class, my students are going to have to create a blog online.  Each day, they will be journaling.  They can always write about something that is interesting to them.  I will also give some ideas for them to write in case they have writer’s block.  I just developed the first journal entry that they will complete.  I got many ideas from this website. It has some awesome writing ideas.  Even if you aren’t doing journaling, you could use these for a warm-up activity.  These are the first topics:

1.  Write a list of the following people and describe one of them:

-My favorite teacher

-My neighbor

-A friend from elementary school

-An interesting relative

-A person from my hometown who is my hero

-A really funny friend

2.  Write which one you prefer and why:

-Meat or cheese?

-Read, sing or dance?

-Fall or spring?

-Red or blue?

-French fries or salad?

-Exercising in the park or in the gym?

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Questions: Preterite

The other day, we were working on preterite verbs.  I am trying to compile all of my questions to use throughout class.  They would also work as a warm-up activity.  Here were the questions that I used during our “Chaos” game:

¿Qué pediste en un restaurante mexicano?

 ¿Quién sirvió la comida en Applebees?

 ¿Cuántas horas durmió Shaun White anoche?

 ¿Dónde dormiste anoche?

 ¿Con qué se vistió Beyonce la semana pasada?

 ¿Dónde te divertiste el fin de semana pasado?

 ¿Qué pidió Lea Michele en el restaurante?

 ¿Con qué se vistieron Messi y Ronaldo?

 ¿Dónde prefirieron comer Cookie Monster y Big Bird?

 ¿Cuándo repetiste su orden en un restaurante?

 ¿Cuándo se divirtieron ustedes?

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You are what you eat

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An illustrator created a picture of her body if she truly is what she eats.  She labeled each body part and food.  It is great, and it can serve as a great introduction to body parts with a review of food.  You can print a body here and students can draw a picture of the food and label it in Spanish.  They should label it with the body part and the food.  Students can write their name on the back then each class can guess who drew which picture.  Don’t forget to include a few requirements.  Each student should include at least 5-6 different foods.  I am sure some would just draw all one food throughout their body.

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The Olympics!


The Olympics are coming!  I realize that the Winter Olympics are not a big deal in Spanish-speaking countries.  In fact, it is difficult to find teams that are headed to Sochi from Latin America.  However, I am really excited to bring my love for the Olympics into my classes.  I am going to start with a schedule and questions.  This can be easily completed by beginning students.

¿Cuándo es el deporte de bobsleigh?

¿Cómo se llama “alpine skiing” en español?

¿Cuál deporte se juega el diecisiete y ventidós de febrero?

¿Cuándo es el deporte de curling?

¿Cómo se llama “speed skating” en español?

¿Cuál deporte se juega el trece y catorce de febrero?

After this, partners are going to choose a country to represent.  The countries are: Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Peru.  Students will draw their country from a hat.  We are going to have competitions all week where they can compete for their country with the overall goal of winning gold, silver or bronze in the closing games.  Their first assignment for their country is to complete the following hand-out for homework.  I included a copy in Spanish and English depending on the level of your students.  You could probably even mix some of them.  Throughout the week, I will explain how I plan on incorporating these activities into my class.  I am excited to have my students participate!

Winter Olympics

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Planning a trip virtually


As always, I want students to practice what I teach them in a realistic situation.  We are learning about train vocabulary, and I created a webquest for students.  They have to figure out how to navigate a train website from Spain.  I also added on questions about planning for their trip- checking the weather to see what to wear and choosing a restaurant and what they would like to eat.  This activity will allow students to plan a trip as if they were traveling there themselves.  Here are the questions I included:

-Usa estas situaciónes y responde a las preguntas en oraciones completas:


  1. Estás en Valencia y quieres ir a Alicante.  Vas a salir el 22 de enero a las diez y cinco.  Quieres un billete sencillo. Tienes una tarjeta joven.  ¿A qué hora vas a llegar en Alicante?  ¿Cuánto cuesta el billete?
  2. Estás en Madrid y quiere ir a Toledo.   Quieres un billete de ida y vuelta.  Vas a salir el 24 de enero y vas a regresar el 26 de enero.  No tienes una tarjeta joven.  Vas a salir a las once menos diez.  ¿A qué hora vas a regresar?  El domingo, quieres regresar a las doce y veinticinco.  ¿Puedes viajar en este tren?  ¿A qué hora puedes salir de Toledo?  ¿Cuánto cuesta el billete de ida y vuelta?
  3. ( Encuentras el tiempo de Madrid por la fecha de 24 de enero.  ¿Qué tienes que llevar?
  4. Encuentras un restaurante: ¿Qué vas a comer en Toledo?  ¿Cuánto cuesta la comida?