YouTube videos to use in Spanish class

Recently, I found myself down a YouTube wormhole with a few purposes.  I want to start to find some more videos for my Spanish 1 and Spanish 5 classes next year.  I have also found a ton of female vloggers (including one of my favorites).  I want to find some more videos with males, soContinue reading “YouTube videos to use in Spanish class”

Back to school Spanish videos

  As we are going back to school, I found some good videos from Spanish-speaking countries about going back to school. This ad is cute about getting an eye check-up before going back to school.  The beginning doesn’t have any words, so it would be easy for a beginner to follow along. This video isContinue reading “Back to school Spanish videos”

Airplane Videos

For the airport unit, I found the following videos to use.  They are commercials for different airlines in Spanish-speaking countries. If you want to show an “in-flight” movie to simulate a trip, I recommend the MisCositas videos.  Hope these help with your airplane unit!

Favorite weather videos

When I was teaching elementary school, I loved using these videos when I was teaching weather.  They are from Sesame Street- Hace calor and Hace frío.  They are in Spanglish, but I still use them with my middle schoolers.  They are catchy and have some funny lines.  I enjoy watching them as a teacher.  🙂 Continue reading “Favorite weather videos”

Sports Video Clips

I have mentioned before that I love using commercials and other authentic resources.  I have tried to compile some of the resources that I use with each unit.  I love the following clips for sports.  I would suggest using them in different ways.  They would be great for individual warm-up activities.  Many teachers show aContinue reading “Sports Video Clips”