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YouTube videos to use in Spanish class

YouTube Videos to use in Spanish class

Recently, I found myself down a YouTube wormhole with a few purposes.  I want to start to find some more videos for my Spanish 1 and Spanish 5 classes next year.  I have also found a ton of female vloggers (including one of my favorites).  I want to find some more videos with males, so they are not all female focused.  Here are some of the videos (and some EdPuzzles that I have created) that I have found to share with you:

  • Cocinemos juntos has some great cooking videos.  He speaks slowly and clearly and the visuals are wonderful.  He also has some Nicaraguan food videos including one on tacos.  It would be great to have students compare Nicaraguan tacos with Mexican tacos.
  • I really like this fashion vlog for men.  I watched a video about different trends for men.  It is easy to come across these for women, so I would like to assign two different videos for the girls and boys in my class.  I also found this video about outfits to wear when you return to classes when it is cold for boys.
  • This YouTube channel has a lot of pop culture (which I love!)  I could see this video about 9 movies to see to be perfect to inspire a conversation about what students want to see or not.  They also have a who wore it best after awards ceremonies.
  • I love some of the themes that many of the vloggers start.  I would use clips of the 50 things about me to get my students started with authentic resources in the beginning of the year (Spanish 2).  I love Tag 20 canciones.  They have some really great conversation topics.  It would be fun to start with two questions each day in the beginning of the year- like what song do you love in secret and what song do you know all of the words to.  The good thing about these themes is that many vloggers post about them, so you have many choices.
  • Kevin Karla y la Banda has some great covers of English songs.  Check out Laura who covers other English songs including Beauty and the Beast! (My son loves this Maroon 5 song!)
  • My students love Starbucks!  This would be perfect for a more advanced group– tips on what to order and what not to order in Starbucks.
  • Looking to spice up your technology unit and not talk about fax machines?  This girl talks about what is on her iPhone and how to edit photos on Instagram.  Maybe it is just because I love technology, but I really enjoy hearing what apps others use.  This is another topic that includes a TON of videos about what teens have on their iPhone.

Hope my journey on YouTube has helped you find some new videos to try in class.

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Back to school Spanish videos


A student wrote this for me: so cute!
A student wrote this for me: so cute!

As we are going back to school, I found some good videos from Spanish-speaking countries about going back to school.

  • This ad is cute about getting an eye check-up before going back to school.  The beginning doesn’t have any words, so it would be easy for a beginner to follow along.
  • This video is a bit long (5:30), but you could cut to the middle part about what she has in her backpack.
  • This ad is short and does not have a lot of language, but who doesn’t love Nutella?!
  • Walmart has some cute ads with a strange principal.
  • Yuya has some great ones, too, but they are long and mostly for girls.  Does the opposite exist for boys?

These videos would be a great opener or closer to use. Enjoy!

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La Voz: Mexico

The Voice is starting again in the US.  I learned recently that there is “La Voz” in Mexico.  They have the same idea with famous judges with the famous chairs.  You could also incorporate the biographies of these judges.  These clips would be great to use especially if you use a lot of music in class.  The official website is worth a visit!

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Airplane Videos

For the airport unit, I found the following videos to use.  They are commercials for different airlines in Spanish-speaking countries.

If you want to show an “in-flight” movie to simulate a trip, I recommend the MisCositas videos.  Hope these help with your airplane unit!

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Favorite weather videos

Screen shot 2013-09-29 at 9.46.06 AMWhen I was teaching elementary school, I loved using these videos when I was teaching weather.  They are from Sesame Street- Hace calor and Hace frío.  They are in Spanglish, but I still use them with my middle schoolers.  They are catchy and have some funny lines.  I enjoy watching them as a teacher.  🙂  The last Plaza Sesamo video is more authentic, and it features Cookie Monster and “comer galletas.”  The last video is one from a weather recap.  It is a rap, and since it is authentic, it will be difficult for students to understand fully.  However, they should be able to pick out the temperature, and I think that they will enjoy it.


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Sports Video Clips


I have mentioned before that I love using commercials and other authentic resources.  I have tried to compile some of the resources that I use with each unit.  I love the following clips for sports.  I would suggest using them in different ways.  They would be great for individual warm-up activities.  Many teachers show a video at the beginning of the class.  They can also be used as listening activities.  Some teachers use commercials as cloze activities (with the script printed with blanks in it).  I will typically have students summarize what they saw and highlight any vocabulary that we have been studying.  Enjoy!

Adidas soccer players

Pelotero preview

Soccer commercial

Best soccer commercials

Baseball commercial