Bellringers and I are never getting back together… Like Ever.

So earlier this year, I wrote a post about breaking up with my bellringer.  I was nervous about not using it.  It was everything that I had learned was “good pedagogy.”  It was on my teacher observation checklist!  It worked for me… somewhat.  But brain research really wasn’t on my side.  And it was BORINGContinue reading “Bellringers and I are never getting back together… Like Ever.”

Path2Proficiency Blog Post!

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I obviously LOVE reading other blogs.  One of my favorite blogs is Path2Proficiency.  I devour every blog that is posted.  When Thomas reached out to me with the possibility to blog for them, I was PUMPED.  Actually that is an understatement!  I have been really excited everContinue reading “Path2Proficiency Blog Post!”

How I try to decrease anxiety on assessments

Assessments alone can be daunting.  As any teacher, I want to assess my students with what they know and can do, but I want all of my students to be successful.  While I keep changing, there are a few things that I do to decrease anxiety. Overall, I have noticed that with a switch toContinue reading “How I try to decrease anxiety on assessments”

Evolving my interpretive reading

After ACTFL, I was really reflecting on how I used authentic resources.  As I said before, I really need to make sure that I am doing PRE- almost everything.  Pre reading, pre teaching vocabulary before stories.  (Maybe that will be my #oneprefix this year 🙂  I used this infographic which I have used many times.Continue reading “Evolving my interpretive reading”

Brillante Viernes: January 6, 2017

Happy Friday!  We have made it through the first week back to school!  Hopefully, some of yall get some good snow.  We didn’t get much this week, and my son really wants to make Frosty and a snowball.  So come on snow!  I am looking forward to breaking out our hot chocolate soon!  Here areContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: January 6, 2017”

Brillante Viernes: October 21, 2016

Happy Friday!!  I hope that you are enjoying your week and are looking forward to the weekend.  I am headed out to the Halloween train this weekend with my son which combines two of his favorite things.  Also, that laundry still cannot do itself for some reason.  Here are some of my favorite pages fromContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: October 21, 2016”