Authentic Resources: La casa

I love looking at different realty websites, and I thought my students might enjoy the same thing as well.  I found a website where students can see different apartments for rent for vacations in Madrid.  They have to pick their favorite apartment (within their budget!) and answer questions about it using the information from theContinue reading “Authentic Resources: La casa”

Plato del día: Technology Integration with Food

I created a quick activity for students to complete during a food unit.  They are given a set amount of money, and they have to convert it to euros and decide on their order from an authentic menu.  They have to use the websites on their computer, but you could easily print the menu ifContinue reading “Plato del día: Technology Integration with Food”

Warm-up with technology: Purpose Games

I saw this website mentioned recently:  This is only a matching activity- picture to words, but it would be great for a quick warm-up activity.  You can also have students race against each other.  It seems that you can set up a tournament between classes.  I really liked this particular game on the presentContinue reading “Warm-up with technology: Purpose Games”

Final Exam Review: Spanish 1

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day!  Since I am a proud daughter and wife of Navy sailors, I hope that everyone remembers the true meaning of Memorial Day.  I did get to enjoy the weekend between a Kenny Chesney concert, BBQ and movie night out, but this morning, I came toContinue reading “Final Exam Review: Spanish 1”

Learning at edcampmetrodc

Yesterday, edcampmetrodc was fabulous!  I met many teachers face-to-face, and I learned a lot.  Also, it was free!  I want to extend a huge thank you to the rest of the planning committee and everyone who attended.  I am planning on using the following this week. The first website that I am excited to useContinue reading “Learning at edcampmetrodc”

Friday before Spring Break Ideas

Although I am on Spring Break, I wanted to share some of the ideas that I used before spring break.  I finished up my unit on Thursday with a quiz, and then we had one day before break.  I wanted it to have a mini project that the students could easily complete in one day. Continue reading “Friday before Spring Break Ideas”

Brillante Viernes: February 1, 2013

It is already February!  We have had many early dismissals and late starts, so January has gone by quickly.  I am ready for warmer weather though.  Every morning I stare longingly at my spring dresses! This Friday, I decided to post more technology based resources.  I love utilizing technology well, and my school has recentlyContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: February 1, 2013”

Blended Learning in my class/using technology in the class

My school initiated a blended learning program.  I took two courses on it, and I felt that it would apply easily to Spanish.  Every teacher has different learners in their classroom.  For me, it is always difficult to review at the beginning of the year.  Some students need to hear all of the information, andContinue reading “Blended Learning in my class/using technology in the class”