Back to School: Emergency Sub Plans

Missed my first post of this series?  Check out my summer round-up of great posts here. I realized that I haven’t blogged recently about my sub plans or emergency sub plans in over four years!  When I saw Amanda’s post recently, it inspired me to write this post.  While some of my plans stay theContinue reading “Back to School: Emergency Sub Plans”

Best Techy and Non Techy Foreign Language Sub Plans

This morning, I ended up with an unexpected sub day.  With all of the pollen flying around now, you may find yourself in the same situation.  Here are some of my current techy and non techy favorite sub plans: Tech Plans: I love EdPuzzle as do my kids!  I have used it on snow daysContinue reading “Best Techy and Non Techy Foreign Language Sub Plans”

Coming back from leave

I recently came back from maternity leave.  I wanted to find out what my students had retained while I was gone.  When I have returned from being gone, students always love to tell stories about what happened.  Some say they learned everything, and some say they didn’t learn anything.  Instead of doing this, I gaveContinue reading “Coming back from leave”

La semana de arte: Artist Project

I found this idea for an artist project, and I love it.  I cannot remember where I found it, but I cannot claim that this idea was mine.  Since I completed this with Spanish I, it was mostly completed in English.  However, with a higher level class, it could easily be completed in Spanish.  YouContinue reading “La semana de arte: Artist Project”

Beginning of the Year: More Emergency Sub Plans

Many times, I like my students to be creative with their vocabulary and use it in a conversation.  I decided to create a day long project that students could complete while you are present or with a substitute teacher.  I left the wording vague, so students could complete this using any vocabulary words that theyContinue reading “Beginning of the Year: More Emergency Sub Plans”

Beginning of the Year: Leaving Emergency Sub Plans

I always am focused on what I am going to do the first week of school then I find out that I have to make up emergency sub plans for a random day that I may be out!  It is hard to judge when these could occur, so it has to be something that studentsContinue reading “Beginning of the Year: Leaving Emergency Sub Plans”