Find Someone Who Example (Preterite)

The “Find Someone Who” activity is not new.  Each student has a sheet and asks students if they fit the description.  If the student answers in the affirmative, that student signs the piece of paper.  The goal is for students to get out of their seats, speak in Spanish and fill up their paper withContinue reading “Find Someone Who Example (Preterite)”

Gustar: Information Gap Activity

Information gap activities are great quick speaking activities.  You can use them to practice grammar and vocabulary in a structured manner.  They also break up your class day.  I wrote more about the information gap activities previously.  On that post, I also included a preterite ir activity.  Here I am including a gustar/food activity.  AlthoughContinue reading “Gustar: Information Gap Activity”

Information gap: ir preterite

I really enjoy using information gaps.  In beginning language, students can express themselves through simple sentences.  One student has questions on their paper, and their partner has the answers on their paper.  It also gives students a reason to communicate.  We have started  studying the past tense (preterite).  My book does not provide many informationContinue reading “Information gap: ir preterite”

Time communicative activity

I always try to incorporate more communicative activities in my class.  I create them so that students can  communicate to find out information.  I created this activity for students to communicate their schedule to a partner.  It would be wonderful to expand this.  Students could plan a trip to a foreign country and write outContinue reading “Time communicative activity”