Speaking Warm-ups or exit tickets: Hot Seat, Weekend Discussion and Question Bag

As I wrote before, I want to revamp my speaking activities.  I have been really thinking about how to do this in the past two weeks.  I think as I assess students more in speaking, they will realize that they must practice this skill when I provide activities if they want to succeed.  However, IContinue reading “Speaking Warm-ups or exit tickets: Hot Seat, Weekend Discussion and Question Bag”

Triple I Challenge- Chat Stations!

I did it!  This week, I implemented the idea of chat stations from the Idea of Pedagogy.  I posted pictures around the room.  We brainstormed topics for them to talk about for each picture, and I kept the notes on the board.  Students had to describe the pictures with their partners as they rotated aroundContinue reading “Triple I Challenge- Chat Stations!”

Reflecting on the fishbowl activity

Today, we worked on the fishbowl activity from the CSTFL presentation by Mercedes Koch and Ryan Rockaitis.  A fishbowl activity is when students have a discussion on a topic given by the teacher.  The students have pairs.  One student is talking in a smaller circle and the other student is listening.  The smaller circle talksContinue reading “Reflecting on the fishbowl activity”

Spanish II- Information Gap, Beginning of the Year

I made a quick information gap activity for my Spanish II students.  I kept it simple with a chart for them to fill out then I have them sketch one of the characters after they share the ideas.  I also included the questions to help them.  I think it is always helpful to provide moreContinue reading “Spanish II- Information Gap, Beginning of the Year”