One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking

This trimester, I have started teaching level 5.  I keep encouraging them to speak more in Spanish to various degrees of success.  However, this idea ensured that everyone spoke Spanish evenly.  As I have stated before, I really did not like presentational speaking until I saw Laura’s idea which focuses predominantly on interpersonal speaking.  MyContinue reading “One idea to get novice high and intermediate students talking”

Thanksgiving Conversation Topics

I discovered this website which has Thanksgiving table topics.  Some would be perfect for an intermediate language class.  Here are some of my favorites and a few other topics that I added in: Describe tu Día de Acción de Gracias ideal. Tienes que dar gracias por 3 cosas que están en la clase. ¿Qué teContinue reading “Thanksgiving Conversation Topics”

Where I remind myself again that I am much better when I write things down

I am in the current transition out of bellringers.  (And not ready to post QUITE yet.)  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that this is quite the heartbreaker for me!  During the bellringer, I had time to check in with kids individually, check their homework and take attendance.  However, I have noticed thatContinue reading “Where I remind myself again that I am much better when I write things down”

Take three icebreaker/brain break

  Today, our wonderful Assistant Principal shared an awesome icebreaker.  I enjoyed it, and it could easily be done in levels 2-3 or higher in the target language.  Here is how it worked: Students are in groups of 3-4 people. Everyone says “take three.” One person gives a category to another person in the group.  ForContinue reading “Take three icebreaker/brain break”

Interpersonal and presentational writing activity

As the year is winding down, I am preparing my students for their final IPA instead of a final exam in level 3.  Today, they will be completing an interpersonal activity then make a presentational writing activity.  (They have already read this article for an interpretive reading activity.) Today I will give each student in pairs aContinue reading “Interpersonal and presentational writing activity”

The benefits of becoming a language learner

Yesterday, the cool Latin teachers allowed me to take part in Mensa Latina which is when they bring lunch, and all the students speak Latin together.  I know that this is a new trend in Latin, but it is interesting to see it play out as Latin teachers become more like modern language teachers.  TheContinue reading “The benefits of becoming a language learner”

Voicethread Workshop

Last week, I took a free webinar about how to use Voicethreads while teaching a foreign language.  I have been using Voicethread frequently for the past two years; however, I used it in the same manner.  This workshop gave me some new ideas on how to use Voicethread! When you start to create a Voicethread, youContinue reading “Voicethread Workshop”

Reflections on my first Interpersonal Bootcamp

Two weeks ago in #langchat, I talked about how I wanted to try more speaking assessments.  I have done one speaking assessment (other than the exam), and it took me to grade.  I procrastinated, and I never wanted to give another speaking assessment again.  (I know, that is not a good reason.) Then Rebecca mentionedContinue reading “Reflections on my first Interpersonal Bootcamp”

Speaking Assessment Reflection

This past week I used VoiceThread to create a speaking assessment.  We are reviewing families, and I wanted students to talk about their families.  I gave them question prompts to help them.  In order to facilitate this, we used VoiceThread.  Here was what I liked about VoiceThread: It was easy to start for me. ItContinue reading “Speaking Assessment Reflection”