Simple Sundays: Teacher Appreciation Week

Hello all!  I realize that this is a day late, but I was suffering with allergies all weekend.  The Supreme Court field trip was great!  We actually got to see them hand down two decisions which was really cool.  I wanted to remind everyone that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  It always feels niceContinue reading “Simple Sundays: Teacher Appreciation Week”

Simple Sundays: Being grateful

In following along with my idea to be more mindful, I am trying to read different articles/blogs etc about it.  The other weekend I found this article.  I think no matter what your beliefs are, everyone can acknowledge that there are so many little things that we take for granted.  I have started to becomeContinue reading “Simple Sundays: Being grateful”

Simple Sundays: Emailing parents

We all must email parents from time to time when a student is struggling in our class for one reason or another.  However, how much do you email parents when students are doing an outstanding job?  They may be more attentive in class, or they have started to complete their homework more consistently.  Many times,Continue reading “Simple Sundays: Emailing parents”

Simple Sundays: March 30, 2014

I decided to start writing about how to survive and thrive as a teacher on Sundays.  This isn’t just for foreign language teachers, but for all teachers.  Many of us want to continue teaching as a lifetime profession.  I will share what I have done for the past seven years.  The other day, I foundContinue reading “Simple Sundays: March 30, 2014”