Simple Sundays: A wonderful mentor teacher

It may be because I am finishing up 10 years of teaching, but I have started to become sentimental and thankful for everyone who made me into the teacher that I am today.  For awhile, I wanted to start with my mentor teacher and hopefully include some advice that will inspire others who are mentor teachers.Continue reading “Simple Sundays: A wonderful mentor teacher”

Simple Sundays: Appreciation Walk

As I mentioned on Friday, my friend Matt Frattali has a series on YouTube called Friend Friday where he talks to different educators every week.  Jonathan mentioned two weeks ago that he goes on an appreciation walk.  I loved that idea and decided to implement it this week- with a little spin! Last year, IContinue reading “Simple Sundays: Appreciation Walk”

10 Confessions from another End of the Year Teacher

I think I will blame it on the earlier Spring Break/Easter combination, but this has seemed like a very long May!  The rain has NOT helped one bit, and I am tired of being cold and wet.  Here are some of my May confessions (even though we have classes until June 10) inspired by Allison!Continue reading “10 Confessions from another End of the Year Teacher”

Simple Sundays: What they didn’t tell me when I became a teacher

As I sit here ready to go to the Freshman Dinner for the 9th grade, I have been reflecting this week on what they never tell you before you become a teacher.  I became a teacher because I wanted to spice up the way students learned a language.  I was living in Spain thinking aboutContinue reading “Simple Sundays: What they didn’t tell me when I became a teacher”

Simple Sunday: What Kind of Teacher Are You?

I am feeling reflective this weekend, and I wanted to participate in Laura‘s amazing sentence starter activity. I am a good teacher because: I collaborate, and I have hobbies.  I think it is so important to collaborate and share with other teachers, and I am happy to use their ideas as well.  I also loveContinue reading “Simple Sunday: What Kind of Teacher Are You?”

Simple Sundays: The role of teacher bloggers

Many people discuss the role of mommy bloggers and Pinterest. People say that it puts too much pressure on moms to fix a home cooked meal, maintain a perfectly organized house (and using homemade natural cleaners at that!) all while making sensory boxes for your child! It seems excessive. However, it made me think aboutContinue reading “Simple Sundays: The role of teacher bloggers”

Simple Sundays: Teacher Wish list for the holidays

Do you know a teacher in your life in your family?  Stumped on what to get her?  Here are some of the items that I love receiving and some that are on my family wish list this year: I LOVE Sanuks!  True story: I even played dodgeball in them at school.  They are a littleContinue reading “Simple Sundays: Teacher Wish list for the holidays”