My new favorite end of class activity

Recently, I have tried to come up with different ways to end class.  The videos have worked well.  The other idea that I have used is perfect before an assessment.  I have each table of students (3-4) come up with the hardest question that they can think of to stump the rest of the class.Continue reading “My new favorite end of class activity”

How I structure study guides

I am sure that many teachers give study guides.  I give students study guides before every quiz or test.  I use my study guides to show students how I will structure their quiz.  It also allows students to assess themselves and not guess what they have to study.  The tests are similar, so if studentsContinue reading “How I structure study guides”

Parent-teacher conferences

We are having parent-teacher conferences yesterday and today.  Each day before the parent-teacher conferences, I give the students feedback forms.  I feel that this gives them a voice during the conferences.  Students are also pretty frank which can make any conversation easier.  I am including the questions that I ask my middle schoolers.  It alsoContinue reading “Parent-teacher conferences”

Interpersonal communication warm-up

Although I try to vary my warm-ups, many times I will have students complete a textbook activity.  It was typically our only work in the textbook, so I tried to maintain this activity.  The other day, I changed my mind. I had to ride the metro to see a Wizards game.  I always read onContinue reading “Interpersonal communication warm-up”