School supplies reading

I wrote the following short story about school supplies.  It also contains a conversation with a store clerk.  My students seemed to enjoy it!  It also has an activity at the end for them to complete. Alberto tiene que comprar sus materiales escolares.  Tiene muchas clases.  Tiene la clase de inglés, español, matemáticas, ciencias, arteContinue reading “School supplies reading”

Taylor Swift= Reading and Writing

I can assume that many of you do not follow the relationships of Taylor Swift.  It is difficult to follow.  Is she really with Harry or not?  I wanted to expose to my students to indirect object pronouns in a short story, so I wrote the following story.  (You can find a copy below.)  Taylor’sContinue reading “Taylor Swift= Reading and Writing”

Entertaining Reading

I always want my students to read more in Spanish.  However, it can be challenging to find authentic material that is interesting to them.  I came across this biography on the website the other day:   Many of my students love Harry Styles although there are many that do not.  I included the firstContinue reading “Entertaining Reading”