Working on context clues in the foreign language classroom

As I continue to work on interpretive reading, I have found more and more that I want to work on learning how to teach some literacy skills.  (A summer professional development perhaps?)  This most recent quiz, we did a little work on context clues.  Some of the students really struggled on figuring out the context ofContinue reading “Working on context clues in the foreign language classroom”

Evolving my interpretive reading

After ACTFL, I was really reflecting on how I used authentic resources.  As I said before, I really need to make sure that I am doing PRE- almost everything.  Pre reading, pre teaching vocabulary before stories.  (Maybe that will be my #oneprefix this year 🙂  I used this infographic which I have used many times.Continue reading “Evolving my interpretive reading”

New Year Predictions

Last year, I had fun putting together predictions for 2016.  I found them from el Nuevo Herald.  If you have an advanced class, they could probably read the article by themselves.  I simplified the Spanish for beginning classes.  Also, there is a great commercial for Doritos with Walter Mercado who made these predictions.  Hope youContinue reading “New Year Predictions”

Billy y las botas: Days 4 and 5

We are continuing our journey reading Billy y las botas!  I am enjoying this change of pace, and my students seem to be enjoying it as well.  Luckily, last week, I caught the #langchat discussion with Carrie Toth.  (The summaries are posted here if you missed it!)  This provided a reminder to me of aContinue reading “Billy y las botas: Days 4 and 5”

Día de los Muertos Activities

Over the weekend, I found this touching video about Día de los Muertos.  You could do a MovieTalk with this video; however, I decided to make an embedded reading about the video first.  I try to use volleyball translation judiciously, but I would start with that.  During the next reading, I will have students illustrateContinue reading “Día de los Muertos Activities”

Actively Learn for Interpretive Reading

I saw Laura mention Actively Learn on Twitter as a sort of EdPuzzle for reading, and I was intrigued.  It is a freemium technology.  You can import a website or PDF to this site to add questions, links, polls or notes.  As I am finishing up the movie unit, I imported an article on StorksContinue reading “Actively Learn for Interpretive Reading”

Netflix Unit: Continued Reflection

I am enjoying my Netflix unit, and it seems that my students are as well.  I wanted to post a few highlights and ideas that I have enjoyed: If you have not checked out Kara Jacobs’ information with the Soy Yo video by Bomba Estereo, you need to look at it!  It is fabulous!  ItContinue reading “Netflix Unit: Continued Reflection”

Interpretive reading: Fichas from Superpop

I am starting to develop more resources for my Netflix Unit as the year starts.  I really like these fichas for the beginning of the year resources.  They have very short phrases at the beginning with a few sentences later.  For my reading activity, I used the interview with Dani Martín and Blanca Suárez  (Yay El Internado!) DuringContinue reading “Interpretive reading: Fichas from Superpop”