Fast Food Unit: Intermediate Spanish

After the news unit, students created a news project.  My colleague is writing up that project, and I will share it here as well.  We had two weeks before the exam period which is lasting almost two weeks.  Our students don’t take an exam (notice my uptick in blogging recently!), so my colleague and IContinue reading “Fast Food Unit: Intermediate Spanish”

Romeo and Julieta: A story of frog love and conservation for novice high and up

Sometimes, I love a story from El Mundo en Tus Manos so much that I want to create even more materials for it.  And occasionally, I have a three day weekend, so I can do that!  Romeo used to be the world’s loneliest frog in a museum in Bolivia looking for a mate… until recently! Continue reading “Romeo and Julieta: A story of frog love and conservation for novice high and up”

Interpretive Reading Assessments for Novels

As I continue to balance how I assess novels and how I implement IPAs, I have played around with how I assess how students interpret the vocabulary that students are acquiring as well as the novel itself.  For my upper levels, I typically could find an article that included a lot of the culture thatContinue reading “Interpretive Reading Assessments for Novels”

46 pages to add to your FVR library for free!

Ok- I will admit, I totally went with a click bait title there!  But it is true! As I have admitted to before, organization is not strong suit.  I have started to become better about it, but it still falls to the bottom of my list.  Organized me would print off copies of my newsContinue reading “46 pages to add to your FVR library for free!”

Evolving my interpretive reading even more

With switching to proficiency, I feel like I am constantly evolving.  I am always developing what I am working on with my students to support them more.  Each time I give an IPA, it becomes clearer what holes I have to fill, and I change my teaching.  This current project reflects what I am seeingContinue reading “Evolving my interpretive reading even more”

Working on context clues in the foreign language classroom

As I continue to work on interpretive reading, I have found more and more that I want to work on learning how to teach some literacy skills.  (A summer professional development perhaps?)  This most recent quiz, we did a little work on context clues.  Some of the students really struggled on figuring out the context ofContinue reading “Working on context clues in the foreign language classroom”