Quick tip for Monday: Weekend chat

When students come back to school on Monday, many teachers will do a weekend chat where they discuss what students did over the weekend.  Andrea’s variations are some of my favorites.  This week I changed it up by playing an old game- Great Minds Think Alike.  I would send one student out then ask myContinue reading “Quick tip for Monday: Weekend chat”

Quick tip: EdSurge weekly email

I love a good curated email list!  (I still enjoy getting the Intercom every Monday morning in my email box.)  Toward the end of the year, I started to subscribe to the EdSurge newsletter.  Luckily, I had a free block every Thursday morning.  Each week, I enjoyed sitting down and reading the various articles aboutContinue reading “Quick tip: EdSurge weekly email”

Quick Tip: Practice with Vocabulary in Spanish a la Marzano

marzano spanish vocab I wrote awhile ago about how to practice vocabulary.  I had an old handout without an electronic copy of this activity.  I searched online for an updated version in Spanish, but I could not find one.  Some of them also seemed geared toward elementary students.  I wanted to make a version forContinue reading “Quick Tip: Practice with Vocabulary in Spanish a la Marzano”

Quick tip: Great authentic resource for restaurants

As I was looking for news articles, I came across a wonderful resource for restaurants!  It is a review of different restaurants in Bolivia, but it would be very accessible for novices.  I love it for so many reasons!  Students can look up international cuisine in Spanish- Haven’t you always wondered how to order differentContinue reading “Quick tip: Great authentic resource for restaurants”

Quick Tip: Free PowToon accounts for your students!

PowToon is giving away up to 60 free accounts for your students!  PowToon is an awesome tool that students can use to create videos.  It will also do the cool handwriting videos that you have seen where a hand writes the word as the voice dictates.  In the foreign language class, you could do thisContinue reading “Quick Tip: Free PowToon accounts for your students!”