Part IV: How I plan without a textbook; Comprehensible Input and Authentic Resources

This post is part of a series about how I plan without a textbook. The first part discusses how I decide what to teach, then how I decide on goals and finally assessments. Today, I will look how I plan a unit to include both comprehensible input and authentic resources. I believe that as teachersContinue reading “Part IV: How I plan without a textbook; Comprehensible Input and Authentic Resources”

Vocabulary Lists in my Spanish class

There are many hot button topics in foreign language education and recently vocabulary lists have been one of them.  As I have continued to develop my own voice and what works for my classes, I would feel intimidated at times.  Many of the experts seemed to be saying contradictory things.  Can you really balance itContinue reading “Vocabulary Lists in my Spanish class”

Unit I for Spanish I: Introductions and Activities

I am so excited to teach Spanish I this year!  One reason is because one of my main goals (that Laura reminded me of!) was to let all of the students know that they are capable of learning another language and progressing in that language.  Then the rubber hit the road planning this summer, andContinue reading “Unit I for Spanish I: Introductions and Activities”

My NOT to do when switching to proficiency

Mistakes, I’ve made a few- according to Queen.  As I have been switching from a more traditional approach to teaching foreign language to teaching towards proficiency, I have definitely grown.  However, here are some “mistakes” that I have made that hopefully you can avoid… or at least learn from my mistakes! Not switching my gradeContinue reading “My NOT to do when switching to proficiency”

Winter Proficiency Pack 2.0

Last spring, I updated my summer proficiency pack.  This year, I decided to update my winter proficiency pack.  I did a combination of activities.  I wanted to combine some culture with some written and listening activities in Spanish.  While I kept a few specific ideas, I also shared some looser ideas that students could complete.Continue reading “Winter Proficiency Pack 2.0”

Netflix Unit: Part II

The next week, I want to focus on describing what is happening and focus on action verbs.  I also want students to be able to classify different movies/TV shows.  At the end of the week, I will have an interpretive reading assessment.  Students will be interpreting movie and/or TV reviews.  They will also have aContinue reading “Netflix Unit: Part II”

Beginning of the Year Unit for Novices: NETFLIX!

I have been trying to decide where to begin my year with Spanish 2.  I wanted to do some sort of pop culture unit because I love pop culture!  Plus, I believe that pop culture easily lends itself to culture comparisons as well.  After mulling over a couple of ideas, I determined to use Netflix/moviesContinue reading “Beginning of the Year Unit for Novices: NETFLIX!”

How to start teaching proficiency: Interpretive

As I find myself moving more and more into teaching solely based on proficiency with comprehensible input, I feel that many teachers are intimidated to begin the switch.  Many feel that they have to completely get rid of their textbook- then, where do you begin?!  Plus it seems that some proficiency teachers create their ownContinue reading “How to start teaching proficiency: Interpretive”