New Year Predictions

Last year, I had fun putting together predictions for 2016.  I found them from el Nuevo Herald.  If you have an advanced class, they could probably read the article by themselves.  I simplified the Spanish for beginning classes.  Also, there is a great commercial for Doritos with Walter Mercado who made these predictions.  Hope youContinue reading “New Year Predictions”

Noticias: Los Juegos Olímpicos

I wanted to share my most recent take on “noticias” when I wrote up a few articles about the Olympic games for teachers who are back in school, and can talk about the Olympics!  I discussed Honduras’ hope for a gold medal, the first person from Latin America to win a gold medal in theseContinue reading “Noticias: Los Juegos Olímpicos”

Noticias: 29 de marzo

I thought I would add another news article to my group.  The topics for this edition include: Uber is coming to Argentina Restrictions on boats through the Panama Canal Movies from this week in Bolivia South American soccer qualifying games for the World Cup To introduce these articles, I would have students brainstorm about whatContinue reading “Noticias: 29 de marzo”

Throwback Thursday: Las noticias

I thought I would put together another throwback today!  Martina mentioned on her blog that the noticias I have written would be good for FVR.  I put them together in a PDF to make them accessible.  You can also click here to find out the follow-up activities for each specific day.  Overall, there are nine differentContinue reading “Throwback Thursday: Las noticias”

El Super Tazón aka Super Bowl!

This weekend is the Super Bowl!  While the Super Bowl is not a traditionally “Spanish” topic, students love to talk about it.  Plus, this year is only the second time that a Hispanic coach has been in charge one of the teams!  I wrote a little brochure full of stats about the game along with informationContinue reading “El Super Tazón aka Super Bowl!”

Noticias: 15 de octubre

Now that the school year is in full swing, I have been able to spend more time writing a new news article newspaper.  This edition includes information about: The Rosenthal arrest in the United States The World Cup qualifying rounds in South America A Mexican artist exhibition at the Tate Modern New Starbucks cafes openingContinue reading “Noticias: 15 de octubre”