Post winter break plans

Although most teachers don’t want to admit it, the end of winter break is approaching fast!  I have put together some plans that I have thought about to help you get started for your first day back to school: My favorite activity is having students read their horoscopes!  I wrote an easy version of horoscopesContinue reading “Post winter break plans”

Noticias: 18 de diciembre

Here is the latest edition of my newsletter for your classes!  Thank you to Joseph Persico for helping me to edit this newsletter!  It is hard to continually look at the same document for an extended period of time, so I appreciate the extra eyes!  This edition has articles about: The Central American Juegos DeportivosContinue reading “Noticias: 18 de diciembre”

Noticias: 4 de diciembre

Here is a news round-up for this coming week!  This week, I wrote about: The protests in Honduras following the election The World Cup groups that were announced earlier in the week The berrendo peninsular is in danger of extinction in Mexico El mate and the differences between Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay The graffiti artistsContinue reading “Noticias: 4 de diciembre”

Noticias: 6 de noviembre

Here is the latest edition of my version of Noticias.  In this edition, I included: Selena’s Hollywood Star November 4th celebration in Panama An update on Venezuela A tourist attraction in Ecuador Lego makes 4 NASA scientists (Thanks Bethanie for the suggestion!) In addition, here are some extension activities: Listen to Selena’s music! Check outContinue reading “Noticias: 6 de noviembre”

Noticias: October 23, 2017

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  I put together a shorter group of articles for Monday.  I helped to host EdCampMetroDC on Saturday, so I couldn’t dedicate as much to this edition.  But, I think it will be friendlier for level 1.  In this edition, I included: The sea of plastic off the coast ofContinue reading “Noticias: October 23, 2017”

Noticias and a few of my favorites from the past week

Happy Sunday!  I am waking up slowly with a lot of coffee as a result of chaperoning the Homecoming Dance last night.  It is fun to see all of the students dressed up, though.  I wrote a new set of news articles.  I am hoping to complete this on the off weeks of Martina’s ElContinue reading “Noticias and a few of my favorites from the past week”

Noticias: 24 de septiembre

I have put together another edition of Noticias for this week.  I included: The earthquake in Mexico and the dogs who are helping rescue people The indigenous Kulla Raymi celebration in Ecuador The RefugiArte exhibition that is now in Panama The newest cafeteria to open in Costa Rica where people of all abilities can workContinue reading “Noticias: 24 de septiembre”

Two downloads: Unit template and Noticias

This weekend, I have been working on two different downloads.  Instead of writing two separate posts, I am including both here!  As I move away from my textbook, I want to have a concrete way to communicate the can do statements for each unit along with key vocabulary.  This also allows for extension vocabulary andContinue reading “Two downloads: Unit template and Noticias”

Noticias: abril 2017

Martina has done a wonderful job of writing up news stories, but with everything happening in South America recently, I felt compelled to write summaries for my students.  I have been wanting to write about Venezuela for awhile now.  In this edition, I have stories about: Political changes in Venezuela Mudslides in Colombia Political changesContinue reading “Noticias: abril 2017”