Noticias: 7 de mayo and Flipgrid collab!

I am joining up my two passion side projects here today!  First, I have the newest edition of news for the Spanish classroom for free: Venezuela minimum salary rises (along with grocery prices) Teacher protests in Puerto Rico The San Diego Padres consider being a Mexican team The International Theater Festival in La Paz AContinue reading “Noticias: 7 de mayo and Flipgrid collab!”

Noticias and new product for articles

For this week, I have published my newest set of articles!  These articles discuss: the new president of Cuba 5 Latino people who are listed in Times 100 most influential list Eva Longoria earns a star in Hollywood MasterChef travels to Peru for the finals a festival to celebrate Intibucá These articles are free, andContinue reading “Noticias and new product for articles”

Brillante Viernes: March 23, 2018 and Noticias: March 26, 2018

Happy Friday (and happy almost spring break to most people and me!)  We ended up with a snow day on Wednesday which was a nice surprise.  My son literally yelled “FINALLY!” while walking in the snow.  I am posting my news early this week because next week, I am off to Disney World with myContinue reading “Brillante Viernes: March 23, 2018 and Noticias: March 26, 2018”

Noticias and new Flipgrid music topic

Happy Sunday!  I have two new activities for you to use in class this week!  First, I have my most recent edition of news from last week.  This week I wrote about: Spain’s fastest goal in soccer Popular restaurants in Chile Spanish fashion chain opens a new type of store Emigrants returning to Cuba Music/comedyContinue reading “Noticias and new Flipgrid music topic”

Noticias: 12 de febrero

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  I have published my newest edition of news for the Spanish-speaking world for the upcoming week.  These articles highlight: Margot Duhelde, the first female pilot in Chile Colombian boys fighting against machismo Parks in Panama to explore during Carnaval Ice tunnels in Argentina Four Mexicans competing in theContinue reading “Noticias: 12 de febrero”

Noticias: January 16, 2018

Here is the edition of noticias for January 16, 2018.  In light of recent comments by our President about El Salvador and other countries, I highlighted a fashion designer from El Salvador.  While I want students to learn important and relevant news that is occurring in Spanish-speaking countries, that can at times be too negative. Continue reading “Noticias: January 16, 2018”