No Prep Required: Basketball game

This game is great for the last few minutes of class if one activity ends early, and you don’t have enough time to start another larger activity.  My students love it, and they enjoy playing!  I ask them any questions- you could use vocabulary, grammar, trivia, culture, book questions etc.  I ask each table aContinue reading “No Prep Required: Basketball game”

No Prep Required: Decorate your room!

I have not completed this activity myself, but I know that it would be an easy activity for one of the first days of school.  Many teachers teach key classroom phrases in the first few weeks of school.  I have done it myself, and I have provided my students with a list of questions andContinue reading “No Prep Required: Decorate your room!”

No Prep Required: Quick Review Game

  This next game I use throughout the year, too.  It actually requires minimal prep, but it is really easy.  I create a grid in Word with letters along the left and numbers on the top.  Typically, I will letter it A-H and number it 1-8.  I will project the grid, and then I printContinue reading “No Prep Required: Quick Review Game”

No Prep Required: Casino Game

On my students’ feedback sheet, many listed casino as their favorite way to learn Spanish.  The good news is it is so easy to prep!  The bad news is it slightly encourages gambling!! However, since we don’t use real money, I think we are good.  Plus, students have to use their math skills, too.  IContinue reading “No Prep Required: Casino Game”