Take three icebreaker/brain break

  Today, our wonderful Assistant Principal shared an awesome icebreaker.  I enjoyed it, and it could easily be done in levels 2-3 or higher in the target language.  Here is how it worked: Students are in groups of 3-4 people. Everyone says “take three.” One person gives a category to another person in the group.  ForContinue reading “Take three icebreaker/brain break”

More Brain Breaks in the Target Language

Happy Monday!  My last brain breaks was extremely popular, so I wanted to add on some more brain breaks that you could use especially as we are getting closer to summer! This number spots addition would be tricky!  Each student has a partner.  The partner points to two different spots on his or her ownContinue reading “More Brain Breaks in the Target Language”

Using tongue twisters in class

  I am currently reading Conti and Smith’s newest book, and I highly recommend it!  I feel reaffirmed with what I am doing, and it also gives many new ideas to use the next day in class.  One piece of advice is to try tongue twisters to help with pronunciation.  I typically do not payContinue reading “Using tongue twisters in class”

Warm-up: Write poetry

  Just because my students are novices doesn’t mean that they can only write in sentences!  When I read Deb Blaz’s book (I suggest ALL of them though), she suggests trying all different types of writing.  My students in Spanish II wrote poems today as their warm-up.  Here are some ideas that your students could write:Continue reading “Warm-up: Write poetry”

Quick Tip: Practice with Vocabulary in Spanish a la Marzano

marzano spanish vocab I wrote awhile ago about how to practice vocabulary.  I had an old handout without an electronic copy of this activity.  I searched online for an updated version in Spanish, but I could not find one.  Some of them also seemed geared toward elementary students.  I wanted to make a version forContinue reading “Quick Tip: Practice with Vocabulary in Spanish a la Marzano”

Sentence/picture warm-up

I just found an amazing idea for a warm-up via the Red Headed Hostess!  You can start with sentences on top of the paper.  Each student should have one piece of paper.  You can either write all of the sentences to review target vocabulary/structures, or the students can each write their own sentence.  The papers moveContinue reading “Sentence/picture warm-up”

Including students in my plans

In my various warm-ups, many times, I ask students questions.  Sometimes they use target vocabulary that we are working on in class.  Other times, I just talk about upcoming events.  Students write down their responses, so they can plan them.  However, I always make sure to ask follow-up questions.  This way students practice reading andContinue reading “Including students in my plans”

My new favorite end of class activity

Recently, I have tried to come up with different ways to end class.  The videos have worked well.  The other idea that I have used is perfect before an assessment.  I have each table of students (3-4) come up with the hardest question that they can think of to stump the rest of the class.Continue reading “My new favorite end of class activity”