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Netflix Unit: Continued Reflection

Netflix Unit: Continued Reflection

I am enjoying my Netflix unit, and it seems that my students are as well.  I wanted to post a few highlights and ideas that I have enjoyed:

  • If you have not checked out Kara Jacobs’ information with the Soy Yo video by Bomba Estereo, you need to look at it!  It is fabulous!  It works with descriptions, and she has a lot of embedded readings as well.
  • Since De que te quiero, te quiero is off Netflix (boo!), I have decided to show Miss XV this year.  The kids are happy with it so far, and this is the sheet that I used for the first part of the show.  We were practicing the structures: “bajan las escaleras, quiere and novio.”
  • For my interpretive reading practice, I had students looking at movies from this website.  Students had to fill out a form based on the information that they read.
  • Finally, I created a study guide that will be similar to the interpretive reading quiz.  This will be very similar to our quiz.

Overall, I have been enjoying “reviewing” my year so far in this manner.  We are able to review different topics and themes all within the topic.  If you missed my previous posts, here there are Part I, Part II, and Part III.

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Interpretive reading: Fichas from Superpop

Adobe Spark-4

I am starting to develop more resources for my Netflix Unit as the year starts.  I really like these fichas for the beginning of the year resources.  They have very short phrases at the beginning with a few sentences later.  For my reading activity, I used the interview with Dani Martín and Blanca Suárez  (Yay El Internado!)

During the edcamp that I attended this summer, some teachers lamented that authentic resources really intimidate students.  I believe that it is important to start out relatively easy, so students are not overwhelmed.  I started with multiple choice questions for the most part.  My goal is to boost student confidence and show students that they are capable of tackling an article like this.  I also saw Sara-Elizabeth talk about on Twitter that she leaves space for students to write anything else that they understand.  I added this question as well.  Here is the link for the Google Form that I set up.

How do you help students adjust to using authentic resources at the beginning of the year?

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Netflix Unit: Part III

Netflix Unit for Novices: Part 3

This is the last part of my unit before my students complete the final IPA.  I have given the details of my final IPA here as well as the first part of my unit.  The second part of my unit is listed here.

The last part of my unit will consist of reviewing how to say likes and dislikes.  I will finish the week with an interpersonal bootcamp using likes and dislikes.  In order to prepare my students for the bootcamp, I will complete these following activities:

I like to talk about likes and dislikes because we can talk about movies, but we can also discuss other topics from previous years.  After all of this, I feel that my students should be ready to complete the final IPA.

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Netflix Unit: Part II

Netflix Unit: Part 2

The next week, I want to focus on describing what is happening and focus on action verbs.  I also want students to be able to classify different movies/TV shows.  At the end of the week, I will have an interpretive reading assessment.  Students will be interpreting movie and/or TV reviews.  They will also have a shorter writing piece where they describe what is happening in a clip.

I plan on doing the following activities to prepare them:

  • I will either use the guide that I created for De que te quiero te quiero or create a new one for another telenovela.  My goal is to have students understanding clips from actual shows, and I create a reading type guide to do so.  I also plan to have students also describing some parts to their partner.
  • Zachary Jones has a lot of great resources where students plan out their trip to the movie theater.
  • This webpage from Bolivia lists current movies with summaries.  It would be easy to give generic interpretive questions (who, what etc) and allow students to choose their movie (within reason!).  You could also create specific questions and have all students read the same review.
  • Also, I found a few video clips of vloggers discussing what to watch on Netflix.  One girl covers her favorite make-up, food and programs, and this man covers his favorite programs.

You can see my previous week plans here as well as my final IPA which serves as my final goal for my students.  I will be publishing the final week before the IPA tomorrow.

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Beginning of the Year Unit for Novices: NETFLIX!

Netflix Unit for Novices: Part I

I have been trying to decide where to begin my year with Spanish 2.  I wanted to do some sort of pop culture unit because I love pop culture!  Plus, I believe that pop culture easily lends itself to culture comparisons as well.  After mulling over a couple of ideas, I determined to use Netflix/movies and TV as my beginning unit.  I can cover many of the grammar topics that my fellow colleagues cover as a review unit as well.

I will share my final assessment for my students as well as breaking down how I will build up to the final IPA:

My final IPA will consist of:

  • Interpretive: Read two descriptions of shows on Netflix and analyze them.
  • Interpersonal Writing: Compare with a partner via table texting which show you would like to see and why (from the previous two shows.)
  • Presentational Writing: Write a review of a show that you watched on Netflix.  Give a brief summary, describe a character and why you liked it or did not like it.

My first week will revolve around describing characters in different series.  Their first assessment will be a presentational writing assignment.  They will have to describe the characters in a series that they choose as their final goal.

In the first unit, I want to do the following activities:

  • I need to spend some time reviewing the presentational rubric and where students should be writing.  I want to give examples as well.
  • I also will start with La Persona Especial.
  • Students will also read some of the fichas on their favorite celebrities.  They will answer questions about each celebrity.
  • Students will practice writing by journaling in Seesaw.
  • I also create a PearDeck (an interactive slideshow) with celebrities for students to describe.  You could also just create a powerpoint and have students speak or use whiteboards.
  • Thanks to Musicuentos’ #AuthResAugust, I found this Twitter account that highlights different Mexicans.  It is so awesome!  (This week is Isaac Hernández a dancer.)