Isa TKM: Ven a Bailar song and video clip

I have created a worksheet for the song “Ven a Bailar” by Isa TKM.  I created a cloze activity around mostly present tense verbs.  Isa TKM is actually a Venezuelan TV show.  I included a synopsis of the show and a link to the video clip of the first part of the first episode.  IContinue reading “Isa TKM: Ven a Bailar song and video clip”

Movie Talks

I read about movie talks with Martina Bex. (  I had a “typical” worksheet to watch Julieta Venegas’ “Limon y Sal.”  My students were going to watch the video and number the scenes as they saw them.  However, I threw it out and decided to just pause the video and ask questions.  I asked questionsContinue reading “Movie Talks”

Taylor Swift= Reading and Writing

I can assume that many of you do not follow the relationships of Taylor Swift.  It is difficult to follow.  Is she really with Harry or not?  I wanted to expose to my students to indirect object pronouns in a short story, so I wrote the following story.  (You can find a copy below.)  Taylor’sContinue reading “Taylor Swift= Reading and Writing”

Nota: My Girl

Like many Spanish teachers, I use music in my class.  Through El Mundo de Birch website (!), I discovered the singing group Nota.  They won the TV show Sing-off, and they are from Puerto Rico.  They sing in Spanglish.  While many of my students look forward to songs, they really like songs that are inContinue reading “Nota: My Girl”