Throwback Thursdays: 18 songs for Spanish I/II classes

I had a chance to compile all of the songs that I have published on this blog into one PDF!  I also fixed some typos that I noticed.  (Please let me know if you ever notice any typos!)  I have 17 different songs on my blog, and I added one more (Olvidarte by Felipe Santos)Continue reading “Throwback Thursdays: 18 songs for Spanish I/II classes”

Liga Venezolana de Beisbol

I have used this song about baseball for a few years; however, today, I decided to find out more information about the Venezuelan leagues they are singing about.  They have a website for the whole league, and each team also has their own website.  They are currently in season.  Most of these questions are relatedContinue reading “Liga Venezolana de Beisbol”