Time communicative activity

I always try to incorporate more communicative activities in my class.  I create them so that students can  communicate to find out information.  I created this activity for students to communicate their schedule to a partner.  It would be wonderful to expand this.  Students could plan a trip to a foreign country and write outContinue reading “Time communicative activity”

Nota: My Girl

Like many Spanish teachers, I use music in my class.  Through El Mundo de Birch website (http://elmundodebirch.wikispaces.com/Music+Lights+the+Language+Fire!), I discovered the singing group Nota.  They won the TV show Sing-off, and they are from Puerto Rico.  They sing in Spanglish.  While many of my students look forward to songs, they really like songs that are inContinue reading “Nota: My Girl”